‚ÄčEugenia Mytifolia
Standard 80cm stems (standard Lilly Pilly)

Claret Ash
Tall hardy tree that grows 10-15 metres. Dark green leaves in spring/summer turning to claret colour in autumn

Crepe Myrtle
Geisha Girls (Duranta Repens)
Available in purple or white & mauve. Available in Standard 80cm stems or in bush form

Golden Biota Nana
Globular bush with yellow foliage. Grows to a height of 1 metre

Hicks Fancy + Black English Mulberry
(Morus Nigra) Large shrub or tree to 10 metres high. Dull green broad serrated leaves. Luscious edible red to black berries

Jacaranda Mimosifolia
Fast growing ferny looking tree which has a beautiful bloom of bright blue flowers in early summer. Tree grows to a height of 10m

Mop Tops

Nandina Domestica Dwarf
Evergreen bush with constantly changing foliage in shades of light green, purple, crimson, orange and scarlet. Drought tolerant, hardy shrub

Photinia Robusta
Evergreen dense hardy tall shrub with green to coppery red leaves, depending on growth stage. Early summer produces many white flower heads & is fast growing for a screen or hedge

Pittosporums (Silver Sheen)
Evergreen Hedging plant that grows to 3 metres

Prunus Nigra
Red leaf ornamental plum

Purple Grass Penicitum (Rubrum)

Silver Birch
Smooth silver/white trunk & BranchesType your paragraph here.